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Our purpose for being


The future of freight transport is digital, and at eFTI4EU (Electronic Freight Transport Information for the European Union), we’re leading the way! We want to make freight transport and logistics across Europe more seamless, efficient, and cost-effective by implementing the eFTI Regulation (Regulation EU No 2020/1056 on electronic Freight Transport Information).

eFTI4EU’s mission is to encourage Member States to work together to develop a well-harmonised and interoperable European-wide eFTI exchange environment.

Our achievements


  • Encourage digitalisation in freight transport and logistics.
  • Reduce administrative expenses while enhancing the control capabilities of Competent Authorities.
  • Enhance efficiency and sustainability of transport.

The goals of eFTI4EU are in line with the objective of eFTI Regulation

We’re committed to ensuring that the eFTI Regulation benefits everyone.

Our daily routine


The eFTI activities and pilots focus on delivering national and regional eFTI roadmaps, fostering harmonisation of eFTI development and ensuring interoperability among Member States, conducting communication and dissemination activities, and developing and piloting an eFTI Gate.

The eFTI activities and pilots are working to make it easier for businesses to move goods across borders by creating a more seamless and efficient system for exchanging freight information. This includes developing and providing national and regional eFTI roadmaps, ensuring that eFTI is developed and integrated consistently across Member States, and testing the eFTI Gate in real-world conditions to ensure it is ready for deployment.

eFTI Regulation implementation and application

Indicative Timeline

Aug 2020

Entry into force
Reg EU 2020/1056


Preparatory work: DTLF, DA expert group, IA commitee

Aug 2021

Notification by MS of national legislation

Jun 2024


  • DA on eFTI data set & National requirements​
  • IA on common rules for authorities

Jul 2024


  • IA on eFTI platforms & service providers specification

Aug 2024

Application start date (except for the obligation of MS authorities to accept eFTI data)

Sep 2024


  • DA on rules for certification of eFTI platforms & service providers

Mar 2027

Full Application (start of obligation of MS authorities to accept eFTIdata)

Feb 2029


  • need for obligation for economic operators
  • interoperability with other e-enforcement system

MS – Member States
DA – Delegated Act (Commission Regulation)
IA – Implementing Act (Commission Regulation)