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On May 23 2024, the eFTI4EU Project had the opportunity to have an exchange with the Open Logistics Foundation, fostering a collaborative environment to discuss advancements in electronic Freight Transport Information Regulation (eFTI) and its implementation. The meeting brought together 35 participants from European logistics and IT Companies.

The session was introduced Open Logistics Foundation’s CEO Andreas Nettsträter, who set the stage for the discussions. Birgit Faßbender (Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport, Germany) then took the floor, delivering an in-depth presentation on eFTI, its corresponding EU regulation, the objectives of the eFTI4EU project, and the steps necessary for implementing eFTI. She highlighted the business-to-authority (B2A) nature of eFTI, emphasizing its strong economic demand and importance in optimising freight transport across Europe.

The session continued with an insightful introduction by Christian Lüpges from Albrecht Consult to the eFTI architecture, explaining its framework and components. The presentation was followed by a dynamic Q&A session where both speakers addressed various questions from the audience. Topics ranged from authority checks and data residency principles to the potential misuse of data, international connections to eFTI Gates, certification processes, costs, and customs integration. These questions spurred productive discussions, contributing to a deeper understanding of the eFTI framework.

The discussion involved also Jens Leveling from Fraunhofer IML introducing the progress of the national R&D project funded by the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport, which focuses on the eFTI Platform and eFTI Gate. Mr. Leveling explained that the current efforts involve mapping eCMR data to eFTI data sets, with plans to consider other formats and standards as the project progresses. Also, at this part of the session, the audience posed several questions about the eFTI architecture, leading to further technical discussions.

The meeting provided valuable insights into future opportunities of exchange between the eFTI4EU project and Open Logistics Foundation, encouraging continued dialogue and collaboration between the two. The meeting also stressed the critical role of eFTI in the digitalization of freight transport and reinforcing the collaborative spirit necessary to drive innovation and efficiency in the sector.