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On June 7, 2024, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation, and Technology (BMK), in collaboration with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, hosted the virtual event “How to Utilize eFTI“. This event marked a significant follow-up to Austria’s inaugural national eFTI4EU info day held in March 2024, which highlighted the implementation of the eFTI Regulation in Austria and its benefits for Economic Operators.

The online format of this second meeting allowed easy access for attendees across Austria. Indeed, more than 40 participants joined to learn important details about the eFTI architecture that will soon be implemented as well as the eFTI4EU cross-border pilot project, involving Participating Member States Austria and Italy.

The discussion helped locating important resources and possible collaborators for the Italy pilot project. A number of businesspeople and representatives of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce actively took part and expressed their strong support for the proposal.

Four presentations were presented, in German, during the event. They featured:

  • An overview of Regulation 2020/1056 on electronic Freight Transport Information (eFTI). This presentation provided a concise yet comprehensive introduction to the regulation, outlining its key components and the rationale behind its implementation.
  • The presentation of concrete advantages that Economic Operators can obtain from eFTI, by increasing overall operational efficiency, improve data quality, and optimize logistical procedures.
  • The discussion carried on with a presentation of eFTI architecture‘s most relevant points, with a focus on the eFTI reference model, which was developed with the members of the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF) and the experts in representation of EU Member States.
  • Finally, the Austrian Cross Border Interoperability Test Pilot (ATCBP) was presented to the audience. The goal of this pilot project is to create a solid and reliable eFTI framework so that Italy and Austria can share data with each other.

This event underscored Austria’s commitment to advancing digitalization in freight transport and fostering cross-border collaboration. The active participation from the economic community reflected the potential of the eFTI initiative to integrate and enhance freight transport operations.