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During the first half of February 2024, the eFTI4EU Project was presented at two significant Finnish events: the ITFA / FFE Transaction Banking & Trade Innovation Day held on February 8th and the Finntraffic online meeting on Logistics APIs and interfaces held on February 16th.

At the ITFA / FFE event, the eFTI4EU Project was featured in the session titled ‘The Policy Panel – Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records and Electronic Freight Transport Information‘, with a dedicated focus on the impacts for shippers and customers in logistics – DOWNLOAD THE PPT

During the Finntraffic online meeting, the discussion centered around the eFTI development status in Finland and its national implementation. Additionally, there was focus on its current status at the EU level. Light was also shed on multiple regulations affecting the logistics side, such as Combined Transport, eMSW, CountEmissionEU, and others that will have an impact on the industry – DOWNLOAD THE PPT

Throughout the events, various Finnish stakeholders from different industries were engaged, including shippers, logistics operators, and fintech experts. With over 80 participants in total, these events provided valuable opportunities to promote the eFTI4EU Project and its initiatives.