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On September 18th, 2023, after the beginning of a significant innovation program related to the implementation of eFTI, the Agency for Innovation in Transport (AIT) – a service of the Ministères Écologie Énergie Territoires – and the National Printing Office (IN Groupe) hosted a dedicated conference.

The event aimed to address the regulatory aspects of the eFTI regulation and its implementation schedule by the European Commission. It also focused on the technical details required for its implementation at both national and international levels, all falling under the purview of the European eFTI4EU program.

Another key objective of the event was to establish two national working groups: the first composed of future eFTI service providers and carriers, and the second comprised of the authorities responsible for inspections across all modes of transportation. These two working groups will play a vital role when we conduct experiments that involve stakeholders from both the public and private sectors.

The event was attended by several stakeholders, particularly from the world of road, rail, and maritime transport.