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A significant milestone has been achieved towards implementing eFTI (Electronic Freight Transport Information). On December 19th, the long-awaited Implementing Act of the eFTI Regulation on common procedures and rules for accessing and processing eFTI data by competent authorities was adopted, marking a significant step forward. This adoption will enable all EU member states and eFTI4EU Project partners to proceed with their next steps in setting up necessary IT systems and processes to go digital in freight transport. The European Commission DTTF Committee gave a positive opinion to the draft of the eFTI Implementing Act after a year of discussion on the documentation, architecture, and drafts of the act, which also followed lengthy negotiations between the Member States. With this milestone achieved and a few upcoming delegated acts to be added, the Member States and eFTI4EU Project can move swiftly towards full eFTI implementation by December 2026.