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On March 20, 2024, the national eFTI information event eFTI verstehen – understanding eFTI took place in Austria. Organised by the Federal Ministry of Transport (BMK) and hosted by BMK, Combinet, and SCHIG mbH, the target audience of the event were stakeholders in combined transport.

After a brief welcome, participants were informed by the experts of the Austrian project team about the objectives and initial progress in the eFTI4EU project. In three thematic blocks, they were introduced to the legal foundations of eFTI, the data requirements, and the current status of considerations regarding system architecture. After each of these three content blocks, there was room for questions and discussion.

Many participants expressed concerns about increased bureaucracy, additional effort for data collection, and the costs of system implementation. These concerns were mitigated in the subsequent discussion by the four presenting experts of the project team: the required data is already largely captured in the respective company-specific systems, so the primary focus will be on creating interfaces.

The event highlighted both a high demand for information in the industry and the constructive willingness of all stakeholders to address the challenges together and to learn and progress collectively in the eFTI4EU project.